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Redfish bottom feeding.
Redfish feeding on the bottom in grassy shallows. This can be a great habitat to find redfish in any state.

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Why would you want to catch redfish (Sciaenops ocellatus)?

Chances are, since you’re already here – you know! Redfish (red drum, channel bass, spot-tail bass) are one of the most fun fish to target and catch on rod and reel. They are difficult to catch in certain situations. They’re sometimes tough to find. Redfish are one of the best eating fish you’ll ever put in your mouth. Thousands of fishermen and fisherwomen in the southern part of the United States know this and target the redfish as one of their main saltwater fish species to catch each year.

So, if you want to catch a hard to find, tough fighting and great tasting fish – get started learning about How To Catch Redfish with one of the helpful pages below.

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